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Guelph bike repair

Our Story

I remember buying my first proper mountain bike. I worked all summer and saved up all the money I could. I researched, read all the articles, and found exactly what I wanted - all 26", 100mm, 70 degrees of glorious two-wheeled engineering marvel.

I took a bus to the bike shop and could barely wait for the moment I had anticipated all summer long. I walked in, spotted my bike, gushed over it, walked it to the counter, gave my money away, and...that was it.

No killer conversation. No high fives. No pat on the back. It felt like I was buying a magazine, not the coolest, raddest, most awesome toy on the face of this planet. It was supposed to be this big momentous event. Instead, it felt like a big let down.

Buying a bike is a BIG deal. It's a ticket to freedom. A tool to spread joy. It opens the doors to incredible experiences — both close to home and in far flung reaches.

At Flow State, we recognize the significance of buying a bike — whether it's your first or your 100th — and we treat it as such.

When you purchase a bike from Flow State, you officially become a Flow Rider. We celebrate the event with a signed polaroid that gets pinned to one of our beams, ensuring you become a part of our four walls.

Our Mission

Flow State’s mission is to redefine what a conventional bike shop looks and feels like by creating a welcoming space for all riders to gather, be themselves, and indulge in a common passion.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to put Guelph on the cycling map by becoming the go-to community hub for all things bikes, gear, coffee, and beer under one roof.

Our Core Values

1. Build and nurture community
2. Take care of our people
3. Delight our riders at every interaction
4. Prioritize quality over quantity
5. Honesty beats looking good
6. Fun and adventure are worthwhile pursuits
7. Own mistakes and learn from them