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Share Your Ideas — How To Recognize Trail Builders in a Meaningful Way

What would we do without trail builders?

Trail building and maintenance work is such a vital yet under appreciated part of our sport. Think of all the countless hours — in the heat of summer and under attack by swarms of mosquitos — spent thanklessly digging, carving, shaping, and raking the very dirt under our tires.

We’re looking to help recognize all the hard work and sweat equity that is poured into the trails we love and too often take for granted. We have a few ideas up our sleeve to help celebrate these unsung heroes in a meaningful way…but we’d love to hear from you!

Please comment below with any thoughts and ideas you may have. One lucky commenter will win a prize pack that includes riding gloves, socks, bottle, top cap, and multitool!

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T-shirt that says “Hug me I’m a MTB trail builder”. It works for the Irish 🙃

John Myshrall

Complimentary massage therapy. They must be sore after a hard day trail building.

Shane Danis

Definitely an ice cream or shave ice truck. It makes everyone feel like a kid again!

Kaitlin Doherty

My comment on recognition might be a bigger ask than a single shop can handle but it would be incredible to recognize trail builders as recreation professionals in the municipality and try to offer funding packages or wages for the main trail organizations to pay their trail building volunteers. As I said a big ask but making the transition from volunteer to professional trail builder would be incredible and having a professional wage and position would be a good start :)

Sawyer Jonker

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