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Our Top 5 Favourite Products from OneUp Components

At Flow State, we're incredibly selective of the brands and products we bring into the shop. The reason is twofold — on one hand, we're somewhat limited given our relatively small footprint and the fact that we're sharing space with a coffee bar.

On the other, we only want to feature products that we feel offer amazing value to our customers and that we would personally buy with our own money.

That is precisely why we're excited to announce our new partnership with OneUp Components. The Squamish-based brand has differentiated itself by creating innovative and award-winning components that invariably improve the ride experience. 

You'll now be able to find their top quality components such as pedals, grips, handlebars, stems, chainrings, and tools at the shop.

Here are our top 5 OneUp Components that we love and use the most.

1. The EDC V2 Tool

The original in-bike storage multitool, the EDC V2 Tool conveniently fits inside your stem and offers 20 functions. EDC stands for Every Day Carry and ensure that whether you're going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on a longer adventure, you'll always have everything you need in case of a trailside mishap.


2. The 100cc EDC Pump

Similar to the EDC V2 Tool, the EDC Pump packs a 10-function multitool, chain breaker, tire levers, spoke keys, plug plier kit, C02 inflator, and C02 storage all in a handy dandy high-volume pump to keep you rolling.


3. The V2 Dropper Post

Smooth, reliable, and great value. The award-winning OneUp Dropper Post has the most drop, shortest stack height, and shortest total length of any other post on the market.


4. Composite Pedals

The OneUp Composite Pedals offer a large platform and 10 replaceable pins per side that keep you planted on the roughest of trails and deliver more power on climbs. The ultra-thin, subtly convex profile gives you more grip and drastically reduces pedal strikes. Available in 6 colours, the $49 pedal offers amazing value.


5. Carbon Handlebar

Ride further. Ride harder. And keep your hands feeling fresh all day. OneUp Carbon Handlebars' oval shape noticeably reduces arm pump and hand fatigue by dampening vibrations and increasing steering response. EWS-winning precision meets all-day comfort. Get more from your bar.

Come check out the latest products and innovation from OneUp Components, now available at Flow State.

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