Flow State Bike Co In the News - Flow State Bike Co.

Flow State Bike Co In the News

Interested in learning more about Flow State? Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy this collection of articles, blogs, and podcasts about our bike cafe. Just remember that nothing beats a visit in person!


1. Canadian Cycling's Top Bike Shops from Across Canada

 Bicycle repair shop near me

Canadian Cycling Magazine


2. How U Got Started Podcast – It's a Flow State of Mind

3. Beyond bikes and gear—a bike shop that offers an experience

The historic building at 599 Arkell Rd — the home of Flow State Bike Co

Canadian Cycling Magazine


4. ‘I am really in my flow state when I’m out on a bike’: Local bike shop opening in Guelph

Flow State article in Mercury Tribune

Mercury Tribune

5. New bike and coffee shop wheels its way into area

Flow State article in Guelph Today

Guelph Today


6. Bike Shop, Coffee Bar, & Community Hub - Flow State Bike Co.

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