Coffee, Ice Cream, Beer, and Bikes with Minii Adventures (Video) - Flow State Bike Co.

Coffee, Ice Cream, Beer, and Bikes with Minii Adventures (Video)

Some time in early September, we had the pleasure hosting Charlotte Batty of Minii Adventures at Flow State Bike Co.

Charlotte joined the Flow State team to learn a little bit more about what was on offer at Southern Ontario's newest bike café.

Being so close to trails, we took the opportunity to show Charlotte some of the amazing gravel riding and mountain biking options available near Guelph, Ontario. 

And to cap off an epic ride, we enjoyed the full Flow State experience with post-ride beverages, snacks, and ice cream on the sun-drenched patio. 

Interested in visiting Flow State with your cycling group? Book ahead and save!

Want to get your bike professionally serviced? We do that, too! Book your drop off time here.

See you at Flow State!

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Hey hey Nate! Good to meet you yesterday at your store, thanks for coming down to chat, really appreciate it.
Could you send me your email address? I’ll send over info. on Arkel Bike Bags, Näak Nutrition, and more…

Kevin Macer

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